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Many people suffer through emotional, mental or physical issues for years before they seek help in overcoming them. When they do, they typically look for someone else to ‘fix’ their problems. Medical professionals can help many people by calming their symptoms and/or even putting them in remission for a period of time.  However, this does not get to the actual cause of the issue and until this cause is discovered, the symptoms can continue to surface throughout a person’s life. 

Our body brings up emotions to let us know there is something that is causing an imbalance within us and needs our attention.  When we deny these emotions, by burying or suppressing them, they can manifest in a number of ways.  Sometimes through self-harm, such as addictions, depression, cutting, disease etc. or by harming or being abusive to others, either emotionally or physically.  If this pattern continues without any action being taken, the emotions and behaviours will compound until the person feels like they have hit a brick wall; they may have no motivation, or no strength, no confidence, no will or just feel hopeless.

I believe the answers to our issues are within us.  Therefore, my work involves re-associating you with your body and helping you gain awareness of your feelings and emotions and how they are manifesting through the issues being experienced.

Suenta Health is based in Surrey, British Columbia and offers both counselling and hypnotherapy services not just for those in the lower mainland but worldwide via Skype.

Suenta can mean calmness; wellness or peace and our services are to help empower those who are ready to accept guidance in their own healing, self-discovery and growth.