At some point in our lives, we are all faced with challenges, some more difficult than others. Some of these challenges, can be life changing. They can cause us to feel strong emotions such as feeling lost, confused, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed.

We have all experienced trauma of some kind in our lives. Trauma occurs when we experience an event (or series of events) which are extremely distressing or can feel life threatening. In childhood, we can experience certain events as trumatic, even though they may seem insignificant to an adult. Such childhood traumas are carried into adulthood and these can create certain thought and behavioural patterns. Some of these patterns can be detrimental to not only our own well-being but also to that of others too.

We don't always know how to manage or work through these challenges by ourselves and it can be beneficial to talk to someone who is not personally involved, and is not biased in any way, to help you work through them.

At Suenta Health I provide a safe space for you to talk freely; a space where you can feel heard and seen. I can provide support to help you to understand your concerns or patterns, and offer tools to help you work through any challenges.

Suenta Health is based in Surrey, British Columbia and offers both in person and online counselling and hypnotherapy services.